About Payment

  • Do I need to pay VAT for my purchase?

    Your local order is already inclusive of sales tax and 17% VAT, no additional taxes is required.

    The deduction or inclusion of VAT is for adjusting the system of recommended sales price.

Repair and Maintenance

  • My watch is not working, what should I do?

    First, you should use your hand to lift and then turn the crown to set the time to 12:00, after setting the time you should press the crown down until the hands do not turn with the crown.  Leave the watch for 15 minutes, then check the clock to see if the minute hand is moving.  If the minute hand is still not moving, we suggest you go to your nearby watch repair shops or watch shops to check if the problem lies with the batteries.  If it is, then you can change the batteries on the spot.  If you are not sure, please do not get it repaired in watch repair shop, you can take images of both faces of your watch with strap/watchband, then click on our official website, send the images with your order number through the “Contact Us” section, and we shall follow up the checking.

  • How do I know my warranty?

    Warranty Clause : 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  This warranty includes manufacturing defects of the body (the core, the case, the dial glass) and strap.  Other than the parts mentioned above, other parts will not be warranted.  If you need to exchange products within warranty period, please fill in the form in “Contact Us” section and email to us together with information of your name, address, purchase order number, and the problems you encountered.

    Please be advised that even within the warranty period, should the below situation occurred, you still need to pay for the maintenance/exchange fee:

    - Improper use or negligence leading to malfunction or damage (hit, depression, fragmentation, dial glass breaking, etc.)

    - Malfunction or damage caused by improper maintenance or alteration procedures.

    - Malfunction or damage caused by natural disasters such as fire, water or earthquake.

    - Appearance change due to normal wear and tear or aging (minor scratch of case and/or crystal glass cover, discoloration of strap and plating peel off).

    - Warranty card without retail store name and purchase date, or the above information being altered.

    - Not sending to us the warranty together with the goods for repair and maintenance.

    - Replacement of batteries is chargeable even within warranty period.

    - If parts from original factories are unable to attain, we shall use parts from a second factory for change of case, panel, hands, dial glass, straps or other parts.

  • For warranty questions please visit your local watch makers or watch shops.

    We suggest you seek help from local reputable watchmaker to examine the damage extent of your watch, if it has been identified as a warranty issue, please contact us and we shall advise you on the next step to do.

    You can use the searching engine to locate nearby I&W watch retailers.

Product Information

  • How do I know if my I&W watch is an authentic one?

    If you purchase your watch from our I&W official website, you can be sure of its authenticity.  If you buy the goods from other channels, we apologize for not being able to examine for you.  The serial number at the back of the watch only tells the serial number of the product itself, it does not have security features.

    Besides the I&W official website for direct sales, we also sell through :

    I&W flagship store at Tmall.

  • What kind of band fits my watch?

    All our watches’ bands are exchangeable, you can look into which band best match your watch.

  • How can I change my watchband?

    Changing watchband is quick and easy.  By using the complimentary tools inside the watch box, you can change to new styles even on daily basis.  Please click : http://www.iw1986.com for details.

  • Can I wash my bands?

    You can use warm water with a bit of soap or mild cleanser to wash your NATO watchbands. Please wash with care, then lay flat on dry towel to dry.

    It is not recommended to use water or soap for cleaning leather straps.  Your local watchmakers or watch shops have special agent for cleaning leather products.  We suggest you seek advice from the experts.

  • Battery’s life span

    The life span of batteries depends a lot on external environmental factors, but the normal life span is from  2 – 4 years.  The battery we used is silver oxide battery (standard button battery).

    If your watch is new but suspect the battery has run out, please reset the time to 12:00, then press the crown back to the dial level, wait for 15 minutes, then check if the minute hand is moving.

  • What is the material used for the watch?

    Silver watch is made from stainless steel (316L).

    Rose gold watch uses stainless steel machine gear (316L) with 2 layers of coating.

    The primer is processed with 0.8mm nitrogen titanium carbide (a yellowish basic metal), the surface coating is processed with 0.1mm rose gold (80% 23K gold, 20% copper), the color is rosy.  Coating is processed in vacuum container, no fluid used.

    The table mirror is made from hard mineralized glass, though it can endure normal abrasion, it still needs to be handled with care.

    Battery usually lasts from 2 to 4 years, depending on external environmental factors such as temperature changes, and so on. Battery used is silver oxide battery (standard button battery).

    Leather straps are made from Italian/American calf skin, processed with vegetable oil.

  • What is the material used for straps?

    The leather straps are made from Italian/American calf skin and processed with vegetable oil.

Authorized Retailers

  • Authorized Retailers

    At I&W, we wish to ensure our customer an unsurpassed purchase experience whether before, during or after the purchase.  We select reliable partners around the world to be our I&W authorized retailers.

    We hope you a happy experience shopping at our retailers or on the internet.  Our retail partners will also prove to you of their dedication and commitment in offering excellent services.

    · Why you should buy watches from our authorized retailers?

    The only sure way to buy an authenticated I&W watch is from our authorized retailers or from our official online store.

    When you purchase watches from our I&W authorized retailers, you can get the following guarantees :

    The goods you bought are authentic I&W watches.

    Your watch can enjoy I&W’s international warranty services

    All our service and maintenance staff are well experienced.

    You shall enjoy the best customer service experience.

    If you buy watch from unauthorized retailers, there are chances that you have bought a fake watch, a second hand watch, or a defected one.  I&W will not warrant goods that cannot provide original documentation for their claims.


    For more information, seek your local authorized dealers/retailers, visit :  www.iw1986.com

Order Placement

  • I cannot find my order when login to my account

    For your order to appear in your account, before you place any order you must first register and then login your account.  However, you can still place an order without registering an account, because once you place an order, your order information will be sent to you via email.

    If you have not registered an account before you place the order, upon receiving your order number from the email, you can enter your personal information and search your order at the following website :


    You need to enter your order number, the name you wrote down in your order, your email address or postal code.

    If the data you entered is correct you will acquire detail information of your order. Please note : if you have already login your account, you need to logout in order to use the above link for order search.

  • How do I know if my order is accepted?

    If your account is debited, it means we have accepted your order and shall process your purchase.  We shall send to the email address you provided an acknowledgment letter.  You can also acquire relevant order information if you login your user account.  If you cannot receive the acknowledgment letter, please contact our customer service.

    Upon logging into your account, enter your order number, the name you wrote down in your order, your email address or postal code

    If the data you entered is correct you will acquire detail information of your order. Please note : if you have already login your account, you need to logout in order to use the above link for order search.

  • How to Purchase?

    First, select the goods you wish to buy, then add the goods into the shopping cart.  Enter into the payment page, fill in your personal information and then pay.  You have to complete all payment steps, otherwise we shall not be able to receive your payment hence unable to dispatch your goods.

  • How to change or cancel my order?

    Please contact the customer service immediately and in time to facilitate our changing or cancelling of order before we dispatch the goods.  You can email or telephone us.  If your ordered goods has been dispatched, we shall not be able to change or cancel the order directly, please refer to “return/change of goods” section for details.

Shipping Information

  • Can SF Express (China local or Hong Kong area) or UPS (China local and outside HK) place the goods in my mailbox or at my door steps?

    · Can I choose to pick up my goods from the UPS or SF Express pick-up points in my city?

    If you have someone to receive the parcel and sign on your behalf, even if you cannot specify a pick up address in your order form, your parcel can still be sent to the designated address.  If you wish to personally pick up goods from UPS pick up points, you can call the UPS office of your city, confirm with them the pick up point’s address, the time and the pick up method.

  • Can I choose to pick up my goods from the UPS or SF Express pick-up points in my city?

    If you are customer of China Mainland and Hong Kong area, SF Express shall contact you via phone for delivery, you can also choose to pick up at SF pick up points by yourself, or contact SF Express to rearrange the time for delivery.

Return and Exchange of Goods

  • I received the wrong goods

    We strongly suggest customers to immediately check their goods to see if they are the right one and in good condition, do not try the goods before checking.  Goods being tried cannot be returned.  If you receive the wrong goods or damaged ones, please contact the customer service within 7 days, provide your order number, contact method, clear photos of the watch you receive, and the order form.

  • Have you received my returned goods?

    Our Returned Goods Department will confirm receipt of your returned goods by sending an email to you, after that you shall receive your payment within 3-5 days.  If you do not receive our email after sending the returned goods for 2 weeks, please contact our customer service and advise them of the order number and the tracking number.

  • Returned Goods

    You must contact our customer service before you return your goods, otherwise your goods shall not be accepted by our warehouse.

    Customers can enjoy the rights of full payment and return goods within 7 days upon receiving the goods.  Please be advised that the watch must be in its original state when you return it.

    Please pack the watch back to its original form.  Do not wrap the leather strap on the cushion inside the watch box!  Do not try wearing the watch because it may cause crease on the strap.  Please lay flat the leather strap watch with face up, and put the lower half of the strap inside the retractable belt.

    If you need to return the goods you bought, contact us by clicking“Contact Us” section, then click http://www.iw.1986.cm/fill and fill in the form provided there.  Please write down your order number, address, telephone number, the reason for your returning or exchanging of goods, and the exact model and color of watch you want to change to, and we shall be replying you via email.  If we agree to process your request for returning the goods, we shall explain the process to you in the email.